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Who Should Exercise?
Who's on First??? YOU!!!

As an introDougtion to my inaugural Q&A column about exercise and eating and fitness and fat loss, I’d like to begin by taking the lead and first asking you a few:

Are you often more interested in pigging out than in working out? Does going to a gym seem to be an endless exercise in futility? Has the proverbial (wo)man in the mirror recently made you reflect upon your own image of health and happiness? Do you want to know the secrets of how to get fit fast (and forever), and perhaps even laugh a little as you learn a lot?

Most importantly… are you sincerely seeking the Smartest, Simplest, Speediest, and Safest Secrets and Scientific Solutions to Strength, Stamina, Stretching, and Sustenance?

If so, then we’re definitely on the same page, in reading and in writing, because… WHO’s on first… and YOU are my perfect audience.

If I’m preaching to the choir, GREAT! Stay tuned. Kudos goes to those of you already working out on a regular basis… becoming lean, toned, flexible, and fit. There is nothing more amazing than a finely tuned body. Hmmm? Or is there? Actually, to me, its unhealthy counterpart is even more of a magnificent marvel.

If you haven’t exercised for years, or forever, then YOU are the miracle in the making. If you are fit-less and frustrated, my new Garden Islander friend, then YOU are my inspiration.

So… why is being overweight, weak, out of breath, and inflexible such a wonderful thing? Why are you a phenomenon because you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, or smoke two packs a day?

Well, for one thing, I am always amazed at the capacity for misuse and abuse that our bodies are designed to handle, albeit even if temporarily. This alone is an absolute wonder… at least to me. You and your body are remarkably resilient, regardless of whether or not your current state of “health” is compromised by years of deconditioning or disease. It often takes decades of hard work (and hardly working) to destroy your body.

For many people, a very forgiving body is something for which to be extremely thankful.

And what is truly miraculous is that when you finally decide to switch gears, it doesn’t take decades, years, or even months to change directions and reverse the aging process. Within reason, anything that you want to change physically can change immediately. IMMEDIATELY!!! Decades and decades of neglect and abuse can stop instantaneously.

And do you want some really good news? Do you want to know what you can do to transform your body and your life as phenomenally fast as humanly possible? Be in bad shape. Period! Circular, oval, or even square shapes qualify. The more “out-of-shape” that you are today can elicit the greatest relative transformation toward your own personal ideal shape of tomorrow, externally and, most importantly, internally.

Furthermore, you hardly have to do anything to get significant results initially.  Consequently, it’s not only super simple to shape up, but also super-duper easy. Why?Because the difference between doing nothing and next-to-nothing is tremendous, and your body will respond rapidly and adapt accordingly.

Long-term goal setting is great, but what if you could actually see and feel changes this week? How about this very day?

When exercise is performed correctly and, at the very least, consistently inconsistently, the effects affect everything. The following paybacks from proper exercise aren’t only possible, but always probable. Health is wealth, so invest in yourself and expect change:

Increase your flexibility
in only 7 secs

Lower your blood pressure
in only 7 mins

Stabilize your blood sugar level
in only 7 hours

Enhance cardiovascular stamina
in less than 7 days

Boost muscular strength and tone
in less than a week

Decrease a multiple of clothing sizes
in less than a month

I’ve seen these results (and more than these results) in my own clients… and in my own mirror. Do you want proof? Do you need proof? Unfortunately, I have definitely “been there and done that” a couple of times myself. Fortunately, I have also been able to help a couple of thousand people do the same thing.

If you’d like a little more reassurance about the possibilities of a true metamorphosis, please visit my website at the link below to witness my personal physique transformation story and video. And, yes, it’s totally free to watch and to begin learning about the best way to exercise and the best way to eat.

If you’re excited about the notion of a transformative experience, the good news is that your body is ready when you are. And the best news is that it’s ready AS you are! If you’re currently doing nothing, it’s time to learn the right way to do next-to-nothing. And I’m here to help! 

So, if WHO sounds like YOU, then who are you NOT to exercise? 

This also brings us to my next “WHO” topic. Me! Who am I to tell you anything? And why should you listen to me? While I do look forward to sharing, that’s going to be another story for another time… perhaps next time.


In the meantime, please submit any questions that you may have about health and fitness, and I’ll do my best to answer them in upcoming columns. 

In Health & With Hope,

Doug :-)

Doug Jones earned his Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Maryland on a full academic scholarship and has served professionals and personalities as a concierge fitness trainer for decades. As a resident of Kauai and Connecticut, he has helped millions of people learn the secrets of fitness and fat loss through his Super 7-Week Shape-Up System. Doug has trained thousands of clients personally and is looking forward to helping you reach all of your health and fitness goals. 

please go to: http://Super7System.com  

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