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  • Soup to Nuts

    Super 7 System includes 77 lessons, teaching each and every PRECISE training technique necessary to achieve faster fitness and safer fat loss.

  • Bite-Sized Chunks

    Super 7 System delivers content daily, in 7 separate and EASY-TO-DIGEST sections. Access to each week's content is released incrementally, and in advance.

  • Step-by-Step

    Super 7 System progressively incorporates all of the SCIENTIFIC solutions of proper exercise & eating into your new or existing fitness regimen.

  • Day-by-Day

    Super 7 System reveals secrets to transform your body & life in as little as 7 MINUTES per day. You can choose to do more, but please promise to never do less.

  • Healthy Inside & Out

    Super 7 System trains you to train yourself at a health club, on a beach (branches & boulders), in a park (playgrounds & picnic tables), or at your OWN HOME.

  • Your Pace or Mine

    Super 7 System allows you to transform in 7 Weeks, 7 Months, or any duration in between. Course PROGRESSION adapts to your level of condition & volition.

  • Your 'Personable' Trainer

    The Super 7 System was created by me... specifically for YOU, with 17+ hours of videos & audios of semi-personable PERSONAL TRAINING instruction.

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Doug's SUPER Story

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People Just Like You

Joseph B

Licensed Therapist

The Super 7-Week Shape-Up is a phenomenal training tool, UNLIKE ANY OTHER PROGRAM I’ve ever seen on the market. Doug’s ATTENTION TO DETAIL is excellent, and I now know exactly how to perform each exercise in the proper manner. I can honestly say that, after 15 years of exercising regularly, there are now no questions left unanswered. Doug explains everything in a simple and down-to-earth manner, and his light touch of COMEDY MAKES IT ENJOYABLE and easy to watch.

Nick C

Hollywood Actor/Screenwriter

ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT stuff, mate. Really informative and VERY EFFECTIVE! Great stuff! Doug taught me how to strength train properly, and I now feel much more confident when I walk into my fitness facility. Thank you, Doug!

Kasey A


ASTONISHING! Simply amazing! Sir, I'm a specialist of kinesiology and sports physiology with 7 fields of related study completed. It’s truly a remarkable thing when I meet someone else like me, someone who at least seems to know the SCIENCE OF EXERCISE!

Erin O

Medical Student

I’ve been working out for the past 5 years and have done Pilates, classes, dance, and 6 months of personal training sessions. I thought I knew what I was doing. I thought my trainer knew what he was doing. I can honestly say that, in only 15 minutes of watching (and carefully listening to) Doug, I learned five new things on one exercise alone. Doug backs up everything he says WITH A SCIENTIFIC REASON WHY TO DO IT… getting into fitness principles and physiology of exercise.

John H

Health Inspector

It is like a BREATH OF FRESH AIR to have a fitness trainer who levels with you. Doug also speaks to you as if he’s ONLY SPEAKING TO YOU, succinctly conveying mountains of information, but also doing so in a very watchable format. He is serious about proper exercise technique for sure, but doesn’t take himself too serious either. There are so many subtle HUMOROUS TOUCHES throughout the program, but the “bloopers button” alone was worth the price of admission.

Brian J

Professional Sports Trainer

He is dead on! - One of the BEST TEACHERS ONLINE... PERIOD! You are one of the few people who actually are CORRECT ON EVERYTHING YOU SAY. I have been in the fitness industry for 25 years and hold 3 National Certs. USA National Baseball, IFPA, ISCA, CPT, CSN (BA)

Lauren L

Music Teacher

I’ve never really worked out on a regular basis because people seem like they always spend so much time doing it and often get injured from doing things incorrectly. I was embarrassed to have a fitness maniac at a gym take me through an evaluation or sessions. I like the fact that Doug's approach allows me a little bit of a STEALTH mentality. LEARNING “IN SECRET” is a great way to feel more comfortable walking into a typically uncomfortable atmosphere.

Vicki V

Analytical Chemist

Great stuff, Doug! I've been a fitness fanatic from birth, and this stuff is great! YOU ROCK!! You are SO INFORMED, so PROFESSIONAL!! Thank you!!

Robert D

Executive Chef

Yeah... he really packs in a WHOLE LOT OF INFORMATION in a short period of time. What this guy just told you in 7 MINUTES, others make a complete DVD about it.

Onizuka E

Mother of Three

Doug really knows what he’s talking about, and I NOW FEEL SO MUCH MORE CONFIDENT in my own abilities. He's a great teacher too!!

Super 7 Special

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$7777 in VALUE

My Personal Clients Actually Pay Me More

1. Health is Wealth

Save $7700+ in Personal Training

Many of Doug's personal clients pay him over $1000 per week to train and up to $10K for his transformation programs. For ONLY $7/MONTH, you can now have Doug "on call" online and can even ask him questions!!

2. "Secret" Secrets

Discovered & Uncovered

The off-center scientific secrets of Eccentrics were revealed to Doug while he was teaching PhDs & MDs in graduate school and becoming a Neuro-muscular Bio-energeticist, Exercise Physiologist, & YOUR Eccentric Genius.

3. Einstein Exercise

Common Sense is Priceless

The smartest system must be scientifically sound for all people to best prove the theory of relatively... everybody and every body. Our Densa vs. Mensa guide to dividing the dumbbells from the smart ones is invaluable.

4. Agony of DaFeet

While Marching Victoriously!!!

I've walked through my own minefields, paying the price to relate to your journey... physically, mentally, and emotionally, with sympathy and empathy. Have you heard my story? Please read it and weep... AND smile!

5. Potato Appeal

From Couches to Chairmasters

Any way you slice it, becoming a couch potato is unbecoming. Please create an account to read "In Health & With Hope" (Doug will read it to you). Learn why the less you do today, the better you will do tomorrow. Seriously!!

6. Risky Business

FREE ADVICE: Don't Pay the Price

Unfortunately, the most caring trainer often offers the most careless training advice. A single injury or issue is a most costly exercise. For me, every second of every repetition of every exercise of every workout is important.

7. Nights & 6 Days

Win a Trip to The Garden Island

Once you successfully complete the Super 7-Week Shape-Up System and submit your story (with documented results and photos), you may be eligible to win a trip to Kauai to train with Doug. Details to follow.

Smartest Secrets of STRENGTH

  • Proven to be the Ultimate Training Technique for Building Strength & Muscle Tone

  • Essential Tool for the Exercise-Intolerant Since it is Easier than Lifting Weights by 40%

  • Potent Form of Permanent Weight Control, Raising Metabolism in Short & Long-Term

Speediest Secrets of STAMINA

  • Quickest Form of Cardio, Using Quality Over Quantity, Without Measuring Heart Rate

  • Fastest Technique for Substantially Improving Condition of Heart, Lungs, & Blood Vessels

  • Best Form of Circulo-Respiratory Exercise for Burning Fat During and After a Workout

Safest Secrets of STRETCHING

  • The Strongest Form of Stretching, Integrating Flexibility & Muscle Flex in Every Stretch

  • Consistently Recognized as the Most Effective Method for Improving Passive Flexibility

  • Fastest Way to Improve Immediate Range of Motion of a Joint, Literally Within Seconds

Simplest Secrets of SUSTENANCE

  • Lose or Maintain Body Weight, Eating as Much as You Want, as Frequently as You Can

  • Assures Proper Nutrient Proportion & Absorption for Every Single Meal or Snack

  • Allows for Cheats & Treats on a Regular Basis & Even Encourages Periodic Pig-Outs

Learn EVERY Secret

to Fitness & Fat Loss :-)

The Super 7-Week Shape-Up System incorporates Doug's scientific solutions of "Eccentrics" in Strength, Stamina, Stretching, and Sustenance. You will soon learn why these principles are PROVEN TO BE THE BEST scientific methods for Burning Fat, Strengthening Bones, Exercising Quickly, Improving Circulo-Respiratory Power & Endurance, Conditioning Elite Athletes, Rehabilitating Injuries & Issues, Increasing Flexibility, and Safely Training those individuals with a variety of other serious physical ailments, including Arthritis, Asthma, Heart Disease, Cancer, & additional Cardiac, Pulmonary, & Metabolic Disorders.

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Every Body Guaranteed!!

We really want to help as many people as possible, including YOU. For this reason, we are offering a SUPER SPECIAL promotion for the Super 7-Week Shape-Up System. While the regular price to get started has been $777, you can SAVE $700 TODAY because it is now only...

$77 to START

And the fine print keeps getting even bigger and better. Our regular price for continued monthly support and access to Doug, his Super 7 System, and all of the great content of the Super 7-Week-Shape-Up System is $77 per month. However, our SUPER SPECIAL promotion has also been extended to this monthly membership fee and is now only...

$7 to STAY

You are saving $70 each and every month; once you lock in your savings today, your price will never increase. Also, there is no obligation to continue. You may cancel at anytime and for any reason. And, just to be clear, you can cancel this yourself, online, with no hassle. It is NOT a 7-step process, as is often the case with other companies. Of course, we want to continue to help you forever and would love for you to "join the club" for the duration; nevertheless, we make it easy for you to leave if you so choose.

So... now that you realize that there is no catch, let's continue with the pitch. Here is what you can expect to receive. :-)

Exercise YOUR Eccentric Genius

77 Lessons in 7 Weeks

  • 3

    WEEK 1

  • 4

    WEEK 2

    • Week 2: SUMMARY

    • Week 2: Day 1 (Sunday)

    • Week 2: Day 2 (Monday)

    • Week 2: Day 3 (Tuesday)

    • Week 2: Day 4 (Wednesday)

    • Week 2: Day 5 (Thursday)

    • Week 2: Day 6 (Friday)

    • Week 2: Day 7 (Saturday)

    • Week 2: QUICK QUIZ

  • 5

    WEEK 3

    • Week 3: SUMMARY

    • Week 3: Day 1 (Sunday)

    • Week 3: Day 2 (Monday)

    • Week 3: Day 3 (Tuesday)

    • Week 3: Day 4 (Wednesday)

    • Week 3: Day 5 (Thursday)

    • Week 3: Day 6 (Friday)

    • Week 3: Day 7 (Saturday)

    • Week 3: QUICK QUIZ

  • 6

    WEEK 4

    • Week 4: SUMMARY

    • Week 4: Day 1 (Sunday)

    • Week 4: Day 2 (Monday)

    • Week 4: Day 3 (Tuesday)

    • Week 4: Day 4 (Wednesday)

    • Week 4: Day 5 (Thursday)

    • Week 4: Day 6 (Friday)

    • Week 4: Day 7 (Saturday)

    • Week 4: QUICK QUIZ

  • 7

    WEEK 5

    • Week 5: Summary

    • Week 5: Day 1 (Sunday)

    • Week 5: Day 2 (Monday)

    • Week 5: Day 3 (Tuesday)

    • Week 5: Day 4 (Wednesday)

    • Week 5: Day 5 (Thursday)

    • Week 5: Day 6 (Friday)

    • Week 5: Day 7 (Saturday)

    • Week 5: QUICK QUIZ

  • 8

    WEEK 6

    • Week SIX PIX: Summary

    • Week SiX PIX: SUPER (Sunday)

    • Week SIX PIX: PUSH (Monday)

    • Week SIX PIX: STAMINA (Tuesday)

    • Week SIX PIX: LEGS (Wednesday)

    • Week SIX PIX: STRETCHING (Thursday)

    • Week SIX PIX: PULL (Friday)

    • Week SIX PIX: SUSTENANCE (Saturday)


  • 9

    WEEK 7

    • Week 7: Summary

    • Week 7: Day 1 (Sunday)

    • Week 7: Day 2 (Monday)

    • Week 7: Day 3 (Tuesday)

    • Week 7: Day 4 (Wednesday)

    • Week 7: Day 5 (Thursday)

    • Week 7: Day 6 (Friday)

    • Week 7: Day 7 (Saturday)

    • Week 7: QUICK QUIZ

  • 10

    After You Finish

    • The Next 7 DAYS!

    • The Next 7 WEEKS!!

    • The Next 7 MONTHS!!!

    • The Next 7 YEARS!!!!


For Now & Forever Fit!!


    In addition to the actual Super 7-Week Shape-Up System daily and weekly sections, you will also receive indispensable information detailing what to do “Before You Begin” the first day of program. It is vital that you initially STOP, then get up to speed, and then proceed to START safely. WEEK ZERO and DAY ZERO are always the best places to begin. In addition to daily and weekly progress Check-Off Charts, you will also receive Doug's contact information immediately upon signing up. If you ever have any questions, he answers every e-mail personally.

  • WEEK 1 - WEEK 7

    Two options are included: you can follow the simple Super 7 System or the more substantive ”SUPER DUPER” System. Both are available and discussed, depending upon your time, energy, & interest. You will also be able to follow along with Doug on his daily routine for "7 Perfect Days." On his home turf, Doug will show you how his Super 7 System is regimented and results-oriented, but also realistic. Photos of countless exercises with captions describing “What’s Wrong with This Picture?” include very detailed descriptions of what's right or wrong. A great tool!!!


    Content is continually varied, including weekly quizzes for recap & review, downloadable workout charts, dietary guidelines, detailed exercise technique descriptions in writing, photos, and video, not to mention an entire video blooper reel. You'll love it!! Also included are a 36-Page Super Special Report: “BONE UP: A Guide to Preventing Osteoporosis and Building Bone Density” and a 64-Page e-book on Children’s Nutrition & Fitness: “Nourishing the Whole Child,” by Doug Jones, BS, MA, CSCS and Dr. Judy Brunstad, MA, Ph.D., Holistic Nutritionist.


This Year is Still in Play!!

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Your Super 7 System savings will be automatically applied (ONLY $77 instead of the regular price of $777) with an ongoing subscription of ONLY $7 per month (regular price: $77/month), which can be cancelled at any time. Your special discount is permanent. YOUR RATE WILL NEVER INCREASE. :-)


There's No Catch :-)

If you are still reading :-) and have yet to sign up for my Super 7-Week Shape-Up System :-( let's take one more minute to think this through together. Help me Health You!

Over the previous few decades, I have had the pleasure of helping literally thousands of people in person and millions of people online. These are individuals just like you, discovering the best way to exercise and the best way to eat, through my Super 7 System of Eccentrics.

And now it's your turn to join the club. You can do this!!

It doesn't matter if you have never worked out, are just considering starting a fitness program for the first time, or if you have already been training for years. 

I guarantee that this course is the most comprehensive (SUPER SMART & SUPER SIMPLE) explanation of how to exercise as little as possible... while still achieving amazing results!

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Can I please ask you a few questions?

Have you always wanted to understand EXACTLY how to exercise, but weren't sure exactly what to ask or, perhaps more importantly, whom you could trust to give you the correct answers???

Would you like to feel more comfortable with your workout program, confident that you are performing each and every exercise with the safest and most productive technique... but don't really want to spend the money to hire a local personal trainer, hoping that they actually know more than you and, if so, that you will remember at least a small fraction of what you're taught???

Do you truly dislike exercise and, because you know that you need to do it anyway, want to discover the secrets and shortcuts to exercising as little as possible (while still getting head-turning results)???

Or how about this? How would you like to be able to have a professional trainer repeat the technique until YOU completely understand it, so that you can eventually do it by yourself correctly, without having to pay for the same personal training sessions over and over again??? That would make sense... and dollars, right???


Perhaps you have never even joined a fitness center, either because you have felt overwhelmed thinking about learning how to use all of the equipment or because you might be embarrassed if you weren't able to remember everything that you were taught. Knowing precisely what to do to get the results you want would certainly help in your decision to start or stick with a program, wouldn't it?

Although working with a personal trainer is an option, many trainers are under-qualified and over-zealous (a dangerous combination). Training with a well-qualified and credentialed exercise physiologist or fitness professional in a one-on-one setting is probably exactly what you need... but it's expensive! Of course it's worth it, but it's expensive nonetheless.

Having had the opportunity to interview 1000s of trainers (and hire 100+) over the past 30 years or so, I can definitely understand if you have had a bad experience with a personal trainer. Not all trainers are created equal. Having a barbell body doesn't necessarily mean that your local "fitness expert" doesn't also possess a dumbbell brain. While there ARE wonderful personal fitness professionals out there, I have a very hard time finding them too... and I know exactly what to look for!

With regard to the Super 7 System of Eccentrics and, more specifically, the Super 7-Week Shape-Up System... it really and truly is your ULTIMATE PERSONAL TRAINING SOLUTION. The only reason that I've invested approximately ten thousand hours (YES, 10,000 HOURS) of my life in the creation of this program is because it needed to be done. There is nothing out there like this and, I can assure you, there is no-one out there like me. haha

So, now, finally, you are in a position to learn from one of the most knowledgeable and experienced (and humble and humbled... see my story) personal fitness professionals in the country... in the privacy of your home, at your own pace and progression, and through this super duper affordable online format!!!

I look forward to seeing you on the inside. You can scroll up to sign up to start up! 

If you'd like to reach out to me for any reason, please send an e-mail to:


In Health & With Hope,

Doug :-)

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Super 7 Start-Up

Signing up for the full Super 7-Week Shape-Up System subscription is definitely the best way to start; however, you may wish to only dip your big toe in the waters before jumping in with both feet. If this sounds like a better option to you, please choose our 100% FREE START-UP so that you can try before you buy. Just click the button below to create your account (with NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED) and enjoy your free content immediately. You will have access to all of the same initial transformation information... and you will be able to upgrade to the complete Super 7-Week Shape-Up System at any time. We are ready when you are... and we are CONFIDENT IN YOUR SUCCESS!! :-)
In Health & With Hope, Doug :-)