ALOHA!!! Mahalo for reaching out to me about Doug Jones Fitness and my Super 7-Week Shape-Up System.

As an exercise physiologist with decades of experience in private fitness and concierge personal training, I have helped transform the bodies and lives of literally thousands of clients in person and millions of people online. And now I'm available to also HELP YOU with a results-oriented program that is not only completely scientific, but also extremely realistic.

Working out the way your body works really works... and produces results which are truly unparalleled and unprecedented.

To become one of my personal clients, and qualify for my Super 7-Week Shape-Up System, it helps if you are a fairly sedentary novice. If you are, YOU are my specialty. In fact, as many as 90% of my clientele come to me after having not worked out for years... or forever

By design, my programs are always progressive in nature and you can be assured that you will be improving your health and transforming your physique by always incorporating the smartest, simplest, speediest, and safest scientific solutions to strength, stamina, stretching, and sustenance.

If you have never had the time, energy, or interest in conventional exercise programs, you have definitely come to the right place. The Super 7-Week Shape-Up System is different and, yes, I am different too! :-)

Taking the first step is extremely simple... and 100% FREE as well. Please go to the very bottom of this page to access my easy-to-complete documents. Once they are submitted back to me, I will review your information, and we can then set up a time to discuss your situation in more detail, as well as the specifics of my program, pricing, and process. Meeting in person is always the best way to begin and, again, there is no charge whatsoever for this initial "gathering information" stage of your adventure.

I feel that it is also important for you to know that, in addition to my education, expertise, and experience, I also have extensive empathy for those individuals going through this transformative experience. As you'll see from my photos below, I have gone through this transformation process myself as well... once, twice, and then thrice (long story short... I had to "remodel" myself after a broken back, then after eight years of undiagnosed lyme disease, and then, again, after a head-on rollover car accident).

So, when I tell you that I promise to be with you during every single step of your personal journey down the road to good health... I truly mean it! You can definitely count on me! Together, we CAN do this, my friend. I promise!! I've walked through the minefield, by myself a few times, and then also with OVER 1,000 CLIENTS in person, one by one.

I am very much looking forward to learning about your specific situations, limitations, and aspirations. I can only begin working personally with a few new clientele periodically, so you will never feel any pressure from me to get started. I am happy to meet with you to fully discuss all of the reasons for my hope for your health. 

In Health & With Hope,

Doug :-)

P.S. If you have received my Super 7-Week Transformation postcard (pictured above), you may also be able to begin the program for 100% FREE, either online or in person, with absolutely no pressure, no strings attached, and no obligation to continue. Please follow this link for rates and payment options and contact me directly to discuss the process for getting started. I'm here to answer any questions for you along the way. Aloha & Mahalo!!

  • Do you need to dramatically improve your level of health and well-being as quickly as possible?

  • Do you demand an extremely time-efficient routine to realistically maintain fitness for a lifetime?

  • Do you aspire to shock your family and friends with your newly improved physique and vitality?

  • Do you require a program that is super safe and takes into account physical activity restrictions?

  • Do you hate the idea of performing dangerously intense bootcamp-type group exercise classes?

  • Do you love the notion of nourishing your body with unlimited quantities of super healthy food?

  • Do you wish to work with a trainer who has personally helped thousands and can relate to YOU?


"I absolutely love the Super 7!! Doug is the best!! His program is both REALISTIC and RESULT-ORIENTED. He adapts the physiology of exercise to the psychology of the exerciser. As he says, it's SMART, simple, speedy, and safe!"


"More than one year later, I'm DOWN 45 POUNDS and my lifestyle has forever changed. I've referred OVER 30 PEOPLE with similar results."


YOU ROCK!! You are SOOOOOOO INFORMED... so professional. Thank You!! I went from eating cheese and mayonnaise sandwiches to only pigging out periodically. Doug is a stickler on training technique and his goal was always to get me to WORK OUT AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE. Seriously!!"


"Doug is friendly and MOTIVATING and I'm amazed at the RESULTS I've achieved in just a few months. He completely changed my eating and exercise habits... and I went from being a total teenage COUCH POTATO to a Division 1 athlete!"


"I HIGHLY recommend Doug Jones to anyone who is looking to exercise properly and get RESULTS QUICKLY. His program is not only super duper effective but, thankfully, it is EXTREMELY SAFE for people with all sorts of injuries and health issues."


"Doug's attention to even the MOST DETAILED DETAIL is excellent. I was amazed as how quickly my body snapped back into 'COLLEGE SHAPE' during his program."


"When I started my program, I was coming off two shoulder surgeries and couldn't lift my arm above shoulder height. After 4 WEEKS, I could throw a ball for the first time in years. Now, more than a year later, I am DOWN 45 POUNDS from my starting weight and my lifestyle and eating habits have forever changed. I have REFERRED DOZENS OF PEOPLE with similar results!"


"Doug helped me TRANSFORM my body and my life! I hadn't worked out for many years and i was TRULY A NEW PERSON after utilizing his system of eccentrics in strength, stamina, stretching, and sustenance."


"You are one of the few people who is CORRECT ON EVERYTHING that you say, and I have been in the fitness industry for 25 years and hold certifications by IFPA, ISCA, CPT, & CSN-BA."

For Every Body!!

"We all agree... The Super 7-Week Shape-Up System is a PHENOMENAL training tool. Thank you for taking phenomenal care of my OVER 50 REFERRALS. I have lost nearly 50 pounds and my wife started competing in fitness competitions. We have a NEW LEASE ON LIFE!"

  • ...is Ideal for Any Age, Gender, or Fitness Level

  • ...is the Best System for Gaining Muscle and/or Losing Fat

  • ...Allows You to Eat as Much as You Want as Often as You Can

  • ...is the Most Valuable for Beginners and Invaluable for the Advanced

  • ...Produces the Most Force within the Muscles While Feeling 40% Easier

  • ...is Custom Designed to Get You Results with a Simple and Straightforward System

  • ...Raises the Metabolism Higher and Improves Flexibility Faster Than Other Forms of Exercise

  • ...is the Preeminent Approach to Training Competitive Athletes and One of the Best Forms of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

  • ...Utilizes the System of "Eccentrics," Proven to be the BEST Way to Exercise for Heart Disease, COPD, Osteoporosis, Arthritis, Asthma, Cancer, and Other Diseases

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