Setting the Record Straight... From the Horse's Mouth

Dear Friend,

I hope that this letter finds you… and finds you well. I’ve been meaning to write to you for quite some time. Finding the right words is not always easy, especially concerning a topic that is so personal to each of us. I’m here to help, and I’m excited that we’ve finally connected. :-)

I understand that staying healthy and fit has been a struggle for you over the years. You think about it every day of your life and you’ve always known, deep down, that someday you’re going to figure it all out. You know that you’re worth it. You deserve to live the life that you’ve always wanted. 

You want to look at the


in health,  and with hope.


I believe in you, my friend. And, as much as I can, I guarantee that this time is going to be different for you. By this time next week, and definitely in 7 weeks, you’re going to be a new person. You’ll be doing everything that you need to do to transform your life for the better, forever. 

And it’s going to be so much easier than you can possibly imagine. I promise. 

We both know that you want to live a long and healthy life, right? You need more energy, flexibility, vitality, and endurance. You want to feel better about yourself and your body. You want to have stamina for daily living and strength for adventure. You want to feel toned, lean, powerful, and fit. You want to feel light on your feet with some spring in your step. Above all else, you need to be your best you… for yourself, your family, and your friends. 

Once again, I get it. I get you. I want all of these things for you too. I want the same things for myself. We’re definitely on the same page, literally. We’re in this together. We’re going to make this work. 

Yes, I realize that you have countless questions about fitness and fat loss. You’ve always had concerns about what’s factual versus fallacy. You’re seeking answers, honest answers. 

More than anything, you need a simple and straightforward solution to your current situation and, unfortunately, you often don’t know what to believe because you don’t know whom to believe. You need to have confidence in your source, namely me. That’s completely understandable, and I appreciate the opportunity to earn your trust. 

Yes, on paper, I’m known as an exercise physiologist, but what I do is different. What I know is different. Soon, what you’ll know and do will be different too. And you’ll absolutely love the results that you get from doing things differently for a change. 

You may already be asking: “How in the world am I supposed to get into shape when I am completely unfit and inactive, don’t have any spare time whatsoever, have aches and pains and injuries, cringe at the notion of even walking into a gym, am dealing with a bunch of medical issues, have already tried dozens of other programs and diets, don’t want to do any strenuous boot camp-type exercises, and, to be completely honest, would much rather spend my time pigging out than working out?   


is what you do really any different? 

Do you have anything   that would  

work   for someone like me?”  

Phew! That's a lot to ask. :-) 

OK... if this sounds familiar, then you’re in luck; the Super 7-Week Shape-Up System is perfect for you. You’re perfect for it! I love working with people just like you. In fact, I’m just like you. For decades, my entire focus has been ‘fitness for the rest of us.’ 

Regardless of your situation, including whatever you do right now and have done in the past, I’m going to give you a healthy dose of hope. 

I do realize that the fitness and fat loss market is crowded. It’s packed. It can be quite overwhelming, even to me. At every turn, there’s a product, pill, powder, potion, promotion, or promise of something better. Unfortunately, the latest and greatest fix is still broken. It just doesn’t work. 

Why else would the numbers be so staggering? 

  • Physical Inactivity Causes 1 in 10 Deaths Worldwide (British Medical Journal) 

  • Less Than 3 Percent of Americans Live a Healthy Lifestyle (Mayo Clinic Proceedings) 

  • 80 Percent of American Adults Don't Get Enough Exercise (Center for Disease Control) 

  • Inactivity is Tied to 5.3 Million Deaths Worldwide, the Same as Smoking (Official Pandemic) 

So what’s the good news? The good news is your decision not to become a statistic. And the best news is that you are already determined to start today, tomorrow, this weekend, next week. 

Starting over is always the best place to begin. And, in only 7 days, and then 7 weeks, one week at a time, one day at a time, you’re going to know exactly how to do as little as possible to get the best results… long-term, permanent, and sustainable results. So, 7 weeks from now, and 7 months from now and 7 years from now, you'll be an entirely new person, having completely transformed your body and your life.

In your heart of hearts,

you know that you've already

made the decision to make this

time different, haven’t you?


You have a good feeling about this. You have a good feeling about yourself. You even have a good feeling about me. This time it’s going to stick. I feel the same way, my newfound friend, and we haven’t even gotten to the good stuff yet! :-) 

I make a promise to you that this is going to be easier than you can possibly imagine. I promise that it’s going to be extremely simple too. It's going to take some time. It's going to take a little effort... and a little self-discipline (as I speak to myself too), but it's going to be fun. And you're going to love the results, and the process.

This upcoming Sunday (Day 1 of Week 1) is going to be the start of your new program. It’s the beginning of the new you. This Sunday is the last “first day of the rest of your life.” And I’m super excited for you to get started. If, however, for some reason, you need to wait another week to get your ducks in a row or your brain in the game, that’s fine too. It’s your choice when to begin, either this weekend or next. I’m excited for you either way. 

Between now and Sunday (or next Sunday), all I ask is that you spend some time working through Week Zero (The Week Before You Begin) and Day Zero (The Day Before You Begin). It’s important that I share with you some key points regarding exercise and eating and I think that you’ll be extremely encouraged by the fact that what we’ll be doing is different from what you’ve ever done before. 


It’s smarter, simpler, speedier, & safer. 

And it includes everything that you

need to know to live a longer

and healthier life, starting immediately.

Beginning in the next 7 days, and concluding over the course of the next 7 weeks, the following 7 revelations will become increasingly apparent: 

  1. You will realize that this is going to be easier than you think. 

  2. You will accept that you are an absolute miracle in the making. 

  3. You will see how great benefits come from doing almost no exercise. 

  4. You will know the best time to work out and the best time to do nothing. 

  5. You will learn that you can exercise anywhere, even without fancy equipment. 

  6. You will discover exactly why “working out the way your body works” really works. 

  7. You will begin to believe that, in only 7 weeks, you will change your body & life forever. 

There is a lot of information in this course, of course. You are definitely going to get your money's worth. And, as you absorb one section at a time, one day at a time, and one week at a time... you will learn exactly what to do (and do exactly what you learn) to get in shape and stay in shape, period. The exercises are simple and speedy, but they're also super smart and super safe, so it's important to carve out a little time each day to concentrate. But I promise to try to have some fun as we cover the precise details, step-by-step, for how to eat and how to exercise each and every day of the week. 

It's this simple: Day 1 covers the blueprint for that day, Sunday, and specifically what to do with regard to exercise and eating on that particular day. But, you'll also learn some principles to be applied the following day, and week, and month, and year, and forever.  Day 2, Monday, will be entirely different. For the most part, every day of the week is different. And, likewise, Week 2 is very different than Week 1. You can't learn everything about fitness and fat loss in one day or one week. However, in 7 weeks, you just might be the smartest rat in the gym, and amaze your friends and family with your wealth of knowledge of health.

As I said, the Super 7-Week Shape-Up System is designed to be super simple. Trust me; you’re going to love it. Each day consists of just a little bit of Stamina, one simple movement or muscle group for Strength, a quick Stretch for that specific muscle, and the secrets of Sustenance that tie it altogether. It’s everything that you need to know, all in one place.

At times, it’s going to seem like you’re hardly doing anything but, remember, you’re going to be working out the way your body works. 

The simplicity is definitely 

supported by some serious science. 

And, in order to guarantee that such little exercise still achieves spectacular results, there’s one gigantic stipulation. You need to follow my instructions to the letter. A low quantity of exercise must be of the highest quality. But, thankfully, you only have to learn how to do it the right way once, and that’s why we’re both here, right? 

Speaking of high quality exercise, and supporting the simple solutions with the scientific secrets, this brings us to the concept of "Eccentrics" and exercising "Your Eccentric Genius." There will be a lot more on this in days to come; but, essentially, this is the why behind the how. It’s the scientific study of Strength, Stamina, Stretching, and Sustenance. It’s basically the super duper smart side of the equation, supporting the super simple, speedy, and safe solutions. Hopefully you'll enjoy meeting my alter ego... the fitness geek, or exercise nerd. :-)

So, if you are curious about why you are doing what you are doing, and want to understand why you are becoming so incredibly healthy and fit by doing almost no exercise and eating lots of food, you can be rest assured that you'll soon know all of the scientific secrets. I want you to have confidence in yourself, your program, and your newfound friend in fitness, namely me.

I hope that you are looking forward to the next super 7 days (and super duper 7 weeks) as much as I am. It’s going to be a truly miraculous venture and adventure! 

If you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns, please reach out to us at:

In Health & With Hope, 

Doug  :-)

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